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February 09, 2022 2 min read

Are you thinking of changing up your dumbbell workout routine? Or perhaps you’re thinking of getting some home gym dumbbell sets and need to decide between heavier or lighter sets. Either way, we can help! It may seem exciting to use the big, heavy dumbbells while working out, but don’t discount the benefits of smaller weights. Here are three advantages to working out using lighter dumbbells that you should know.

Greater Range of Motion

You can stay flexible while putting on muscle with lightweight dumbbells. When you use lighter dumbbells instead of heavier ones, you can achieve a better range of motion for your exercise. Gaining a greater range of motion is crucial to increasing your flexibility, which keeps you limber as you put on muscle and helps reduce your chances of injury. The enhanced range of motion from lighter dumbbells also helps target the muscle groups you’re looking to attack and improve.

Reduced Chance of Injury

As we mentioned, the use of lighter dumbbells can reduce your risk of injury by increasing your flexibility. More lightweight dumbbells are also safer than heavier ones in terms of overexertion. It might seem cool to crank out a couple of curls using huge dumbbells, but the extreme weight can be awkward for your muscles to lift, and pushing yourself too much can result in a pulled muscle or an even more severe injury if you’re not careful. You can break a sweat just as easily with lighter weights without risking overexertion.

More Endurance Strength

Using lighter dumbbells is safer and also offers advantages when it comes to building muscle. When you use lighter weights for more repetitions, you increase your endurance strength. Essentially, you’re building your muscles to work harder for longer. Endurance strength is what makes your daily life easier when it comes to manual labor, chores, or playing sports. Heavy dumbbells may increase your ability to lift something heavy on occasion, but lighter weights will help you stay active for longer without fatigue.

Now you know some of the advantages of working out using lighter dumbbells. We understand that sometimes pride gets in the way, tempting you to showcase your strength by picking up the heaviest dumbbells you can lift—but remember that heavier weights aren’t for everybody. Large weights are often the wrong equipment for the muscles you want to target and the fitness level you’re looking to achieve. Be sure the next home gym dumbbells you decide on are from Utah Home Fitness so that you know you’re getting a high-quality product!

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