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January 02, 2019 2 min read

According to a survey from last year, 45% of Americans said their resolution for 2018 was to lose weight or get into shape. But unfortunately, the vast majority of resolutions end up failing a couple of months into the new year. If you're serious about improving your health, you can't afford to let your fitness goals fall by the wayside. Here are three ways to make sure you actually stick to your weight loss resolution this year.

  1. Be Specific: When you're setting your goals for exercise and a healthy diet, you need to be extremely specific. It's not good enough to say you simply want to lose weight or tone up; these goals need to be quantifiable. If your goal is too broad, you won't be able to hold yourself accountable and actually make progress. Whether you want to define the number of pounds you want to lose, the size you want to wear, or the time per week you want to spend using your gym equipment, your success should be easy to evaluate.
  2. Team Up: Data from 2010 showed that over 78 million Americans were obese. That number is predicted to soar by 2030, when it's expected that half of all Americans will be obese. You can do your part to curb this epidemic by partnering up with a friend or family member who is also focusing on fitness in the coming year. When you go to the gym together, sign up for a sports team you both like, or pick out the finest exercise equipment Sacramento has to offer as a pair, you can hold yourselves accountable to one another and ensure you both stay on track. You can also swap strategies and make healthy eating and working out a lot more fun. Enlisting help from a friend can make these tasks seem a lot more social and manageable than trying to tackle them all on your own.
  3. Plan Ahead: Often, resolutions fail when people think they can just wing it. But poor planning typically results in unexpected setbacks. You'll need to be disciplined enough to plan out your week ahead of time. If you schedule when you'll be working out on the exercise equipment Sacramento residents choose most, you'll be more likely to actually follow through. And if you carefully plan your shopping list for the week and make healthy meals ahead of time, you won't resort to filling up on junk food when there's nothing else in the fridge. For those who know they're inclined to make excuses, planning out a daily routine can provide some much-needed structure and motivation.

It's time to start thinking about those New Year's resolutions, which means it's also time to check out the most versatile exercise equipment Sacramento has to provide. If you're determined to meet your weight loss goals this year, we're here to help set you up for success. For more information, please contact us today.

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