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December 06, 2021 2 min read

Hopping on a treadmill and going on a jog eventually feels like a chore. Mixing up your workouts is a wise decision to help you avoid burnout. Here are some different workouts you can do on your treadmill to break up the monotony.


Instead of walking on an incline at a brisk rate, you can mix up your repertoire by incorporating some lunges into those strides. Ideally, you’ll employ walking lunges in a gym, but if you have limited space, this compromise is a fantastic alternative.

To start, you’ll want to turn on your treadmill to a leisurely pace. Once you get going, hold your hands at your chest and do your standard lunge, bending your knee and lowering your body. This repeated motion will strengthen your hamstrings and backside, especially when you turn up the incline. You can amp up the speed once you feel comfortable, but don’t get too crazy right off the bat.

Incline Pushups

What’s lovely about electric treadmills is that they double as benches for several types of exercises. One of those activities is performing incline pushups. All you need to do is turn off the treadmill and stand on the resting base, placing your hands on the handlebars while forming a straight line from your head to heels. Setting your body up this way allows you to perform an effective incline pushup, which will build muscle in your triceps, particularly when you keep your elbows tight.

Crab Walks

Performing a crab walk in a crowded gym may feel a little uncomfortable, so you might want to save this one for your treadmill at home. Crab-walking does wonders for your body, improving your hamstrings, triceps, core, and glutes. Turn on your treadmill to a snail’s pace. You’ll sit behind the treadmill like a crab, facing away from the treadmill’s display. Once you’re in position, use your hands to simulate the crab walk along the moving belt.

Reverse Mountain Climbs

Imagine if The Price Is Right’s mountain-climbing game had the climber go back down the cliff—that’s what you’ll be imitating on your treadmill. Traditional mountain-climbing has your knees going in, whereas the reverse method kicks your legs back.

This climbing exercise requires you to turn your treadmill to a sluggish pace, although you won’t feel like a sloth once you’re finished. Get into the plank position and push with your feet toward your chest. You’ll feel it in your core if you perform the exercise correctly.

Walking Plank

Holding a stationary plank is challenging enough, so you know a walking plank will get you sweating. Get in the planking position, and use your hands as if you’re crawling on the ground. Your shoulders will feel the burn to let you know it’s working.

As you can see, there are several different workouts you can do on your treadmill that have nothing to do with running. Get the most out of your investment and check out our supply at Utah Home Fitness to find the perfect treadmill that fills your needs.

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