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September 14, 2021 2 min read

Boredom is often one of the biggest hurdles to conquer when it comes to working out. This boredom can result from a routine becoming repetitive and ineffective after you’ve completed it multiple times. We offer simple ways to spice up and improve your home workouts to keep you on track and committed to your exercise.

Add Variation to Your Routine

If you’ve been using the same routine day after day, you’ve likely noticed that it has become much easier than when you first started. This is because your body can adapt to repetitive movements so that they become effortless to perform. Unfortunately, this makes them less effective as exercises. Short of creating new exercise routines, adding variations to your existing workouts will keep your body challenged and your mind engaged. Try changing the tempo, rep scheme, or rest intervals. By doing so, you’ll no longer go through the motions and stagnate.

Customize Your Home Gym Equipment

Another simple way to spice up and improve your home workouts is to customize the equipment you use. You have total control over what goes into a home gym. Therefore, you can tailor it to your specific needs and goals. For example, with modern advances in technology, a home treadmill for sale may offer functions like adding inclines. Utilizing such a feature will add more variation and challenge to your jogging. In turn, you’ll see better results and avoid becoming bored of simply running in place.

Make It Into a Game

Using the same philosophy of setting attainable goals for yourself, you can turn your routine into a game. With this approach, you can keep yourself motivated throughout the whole session. This is especially effective if you have a workout buddy that can help breed some friendly competition. Some good ideas include adding incentives and rewards for achieving your goals and creating challenges, such as trying to beat your previous number of reps or seeing how fast you can run a mile. Alternatively, you could turn to actual video games that aim to combine exercise with the stimulation and fun leisure electronic activities offer.

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