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December 22, 2021 2 min read

If you feel like you are in a rut with your fitness plan, it may be time to think outside your comfort zone to try out something new. Getting on a stationary bike might be new to you, but it provides several opportunities to shed some calories. Here are the top HIIT workouts to try on an exercise bike.


Prior to starting your more intense workouts, it helps to complete a warmup program to get your body and heart ready for what’s to come. Your warmup isn’t a long process; figuring 15 minutes is more than an adequate amount of time to prepare your cardiovascular system.

At a low resistance level, you’ll start with some comfortable pedaling for about five minutes. Then, in short of around 30 seconds to a minute, you will alternate between fast and slow pedaling. The best workout includes a gradual increase in resistance, so it goes smoothly when you start your HIIT training.

Rapid Pedaling

If you want to simulate what it’s like riding through your neighborhood as a child, a fast-pedaling program is the best option for you. Fast-pedaling exercise is excellent for finding a groove and getting your blood pumping.

You’ll want to start at a brisk pace, somewhere along the lines of the speed of a song. Once you do that for about a minute, the fun officially begins. In 30 second intervals, you turn up the pace and dial it back down. Don’t worry about resistance with this regime, seeing as speed is the goal. However, don’t have it so easy that you might fall off the seat.

Intervals & Tabata-Style

Interval training helps incorporate resistance in a workout. It’s easier to handle tougher resistances when it’s thrown in the middle of your program, figuring you are staying on a consistent pace regardless of the difficulty.

You can choose a playlist that stays upbeat throughout to make things easier, so it’s hard to even notice those higher intervals. Generally, you will want to do 30 seconds at high resistance, with 15 seconds at a lower resistance. Although, you can experiment with what works best for you. For example, Tabata-style is 20 and 10-second intervals, with the 20-second sections leaving you virtually breathless.


Getting bored with your workout routine is expected when you continue doing the same thing. Therefore, combine all the elements of these top HIIT workouts to try on an exercise bike into one.

After completing your warmup, you can have different speed, resistance, and power training sets. By flipping the switch between all three sets, each will feel more natural and easier after completing them.

At Utah Home & Fitness, we have an excellent selection of stationary exercise bikes to choose from. We can help you determine which one is best for you based on what you are looking for in a bike. But any of these workouts will ultimately bring results, making the investment well worth it.

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