Humane 4' x 6' Mat

4’ x 6’ x 3/8” Black Humane Guardian Barbell Mats – Barbell mats are an important component in any weightlifting area that utilizes heavy freeweight equipment. Not only do they prevent damage to floors, but they can also keep barbell plates from chipping or breaking when dropped. You’ll see heavy weightlifting mats under key strength equipment pieces that incorporate heavy barbells such as squat racks and bench presses. Resilient rubber matting, such as Guardian mats by Humane, do a great job to absorb shock underneath these machines when barbells are re-racked.

3/8” thick vulcanized Guardian mats are ideal for heavy weight training areas in garage gyms, sports performance centers, schools and commercial gyms. They can handle impact from very heavy weights and are vulcanized to resist tearing or other damage.