Humane 6' x 7'6" Shok-Lok Mat

Shok-Lok™ is the newest line of fitness mats from Humane Manufacturing, and helps alleviate the problem of noise and vibration in a fitness room. The Shok-Lok system of mats utilizes a special design which significantly reduces the amount of vibration and noise that is transferred from the fitness equipment to the floor. This is a great addition to any facility and can be used even on existing floor systems to reduce noise and vibration.

  • This 150lb Equipment Mat may also be used as a smaller deadlift platform or as a utility bench station.
  • Heavy duty 3/4" commercial grade recycled rubber
  • Special Shok-Lok design which causes a significant reduction in noise and vibration
  • Absolutely non-absorbent
  • Will not harbor or promote bacteria growth
  • No curling
  • Beveled edges in order to avoid trip hazards
  • Clean and fresh mitigating agent used to significantly reduce aroma