Precor Dream Home Gym - TRM 445 + FTS Glide + Bench

Invest in your health with a dream gym from Precor that includes the TRM 445 treadmill, the FTS Glide strength system, and our multi-adjustable bench. 

The TRM 445 treadmill is a favorite among runners. It is built to help you go the distance. whether you are training for a race or to be the healthiest you.  This Precision™ Series treadmill is designed for the home and has features favored by fitness center exercisers around the world, including Precor exclusives Ground Effects® Impact Control System and Integrated Footplant Technology™.   Together they help provide cushion for your  joints and support your stride so you run or walk without harm to your body.  Our technology uses your preferences and exercise data to deliver a personalized workout experience that promotes better results and saves you time. 

The FTS Glide offers resistance training with the freedom of motion to increase your core strength, balance, stability, and coordination.  If you are looking to bring more strength to your life, this professional functional training system that is featured in health clubs, hotels, and multi-family complexes, is the one for you.  It has an easy to follow instructional placard to help you work on multiple areas of your body.  It is designed to fit most homes and needs a ceiling clearance of 86"/216 cm at a minimum.

To expand your exercise options, we've partnered this combo with our commercial multi-adjustable bench (DBR 119).  This bench is a staple in nearly every fitness space. It is made of heavy-duty materials to help provide maximum strength, stability, and longevity.

We've bundled these three pieces of equipment together to help you build out your dream home gym.