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Pure Design

Pure Design VR2 Valor Rower

Get a full body workout in the privacy and comfort of your own home with a single portable exercise machine. This rowing machine is a premium rower guaranteed to give the 9 major muscle groups a good training.


The fluid rower features a patented water flywheel system that provides a natural rowing motion similar to the feel of rowing in an actual body of water. Guaranteed to provide no strain on your joints, this rower emits the relaxing sound of rushing water with every stroke. The water wheel technology also offers self-regulated resistance, allowing any user to utilize the rower machine without the need for adjustments. Whats more, the included VR2 monitor measures your progress as well as track either your workout intensity or distance covered. This water powered rowing machine is constructed of a steel frame with Beech wood dual rails. The main body has a lasting powder coat finish while the rails have a special Danish oil finish. After your workout, it can be conveniently stored on end inside storage rooms or closets. Water purification tablets are also included with the rower. Take the step to a firmer body and better posture with this rowing machine.



  • Styling: Residential use
  • Material: Steel frame with Beech wood dual rails
  • Finish: Durable powder coat finish on the main assembly, with a Danish Oil finish on the rails
  • In-use Aesthetics: Soothing rushing-water sound with each stroke
  • Maintenance: Simplistic design requires minimal maintenance; Water Purification Tablets provided free of charge
  • Resistance Method: Water resistance simulates the feel of on-water rowing
  • Resistance Levels: Self-regulated resistance, suitable for any user without adjustment
  • Muscle Groups Used: Full body workout trains 9 major muscle groups
  • Added Workout Benefits: Renowned aerobic workout that is easy on the joints and ideal for strengthening posture
  • Monitor: VR2 Monitor
  • Monitor Intensity Units: /500m (500 Meter Split), m/s (Meters per Second), mph (Miles per Hour),/2km (2,000 Meter Split), watts, cal/hr (Calories per Hour)
  • Monitor Distance Units: Meters, Miles, Kilometers, Strokes, Calories
  • Workout Programs: Distance Interval and Time Interval
  • Maximum User Height: Up to 36” Inseam
  • Maximum User Weight: 325 lbs
  • Seat Entry Height: 11”
  • Dimensions: L - 82”, W - 22”, H - 21”
  • Storability: Stores easily on end, L - 21”, W - 22”, H - 82”
  • Shipping Dimensions: Tank Box (L - 37” x W - 22.5” x H - 20”), Rail Box (L - 87” x W - 6” x H - 2”)
  • Weight: Wet - 102.5 lbs, Dry - 65.5 lbs / Shipping Weight: Tank Box - 54 lbs, Rail Box - 19 lbs


  • 1 year limited parts warranty