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Freemotion ellipticals provide the low-impact workout you need to kick up your cardio levels. Designed to give your entire body the exercise it needs, our range of Freemotion ellipticals available at Top Fitness will put your body to the test. With easy customisable adjustments and workouts, you can create a fitness routine that caters directly to your needs, with training programs to target weight loss, increase strength, and cardio endurance. Built with a quiet belt and soft-grip handles, Freemotion elliptical machines are ideal for busy commercial gyms and homes without disruption. For an elliptical that matches every preference, Freemotion treadmills are perfect for all skill levels and environments.

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Freemotion has been redefining what it means to work out for over 40 years. All of their elliptical, treadmill and bike machines work to take the monotonous feeling out of exercising and instead use it to create more adventure in their users' lives. Their equipment is made to change your mood, mind and fitness level through your own individual journey or with the support of a larger group.

To find the perfect Freemotion elliptical for sale from Top Fitness, talk to a team member to find the right match for your fitness goals. To browse our wider range of Freemotion equipment, including treadmills and bikes.