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Flooring tiles provide maximum comfort underfoot and absorbs the shock of training impact, reducing the potential for stress and injury to athletes. Tough and resilient enough to endure the most intense abuse, these mats will stand up to long term punishment from treadmills, stationary bikes, and falling dumbbells. Available for both sectional and wall-to-wall applications.

Rubber Gym Flooring

Putting together the best home gym requires the right setup. For a professional-feeling space, rubber gym flooring—like our Everlast rubber flooring—is a great addition to your workout area no matter how you train.

By reducing the impact you feel from any jumping you may do and giving you the choice of dropping barbells without damaging your floors, rubber gym flooring tiles can significantly improve your workout space in a simple yet effective way.

For the widest selection of high-quality rubber gym flooring and other workout-related equipment, accessories, and more, please be sure to visit one of our stores!