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Assault Treadmills: Revolutionize Your Running

Step into the world of unparalleled running experiences with Assault Treadmills at Utah Home Fitness. Known for their innovative curve design and self-powered mechanism, Assault Treadmills, including the renowned Assault Runner Pro, offer a unique and efficient workout that mimics natural running motion. Perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts aiming to enhance their cardiovascular health, endurance, and muscle tone. Our selection of Assault running machines caters to every fitness level, ensuring a challenging yet rewarding workout tailored to your goals.

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Unleash Your Potential with the Assault Runner Pro

The Assault Runner Pro treadmill stands out for its exceptional design that promotes enhanced runner engagement and energy efficiency. By enabling a more natural running posture and requiring the user to power the belt, this treadmill provides a more intense workout compared to traditional treadmills. Ideal for both high-intensity interval training and steady-state cardio, the Assault Runner Pro helps improve running form, boosts metabolic rate, and increases calorie burn. Dive into the future of home workouts with the Assault Runner Pro, available at Utah Home Fitness.


What sets Assault Treadmills apart from traditional treadmills?

Assault Treadmills, such as the Assault Runner Pro, feature a curved design and are self-powered, offering a more natural running experience that can lead to improved running form and higher calorie burn.

Can using an Assault treadmill improve my running performance?

Absolutely. The design of the Assault treadmill encourages better engagement of running muscles and a more efficient running form, which can significantly improve your running performance over time.

What are the benefits of the curve design on Assault treadmills?

The curve design promotes a more natural running stance, reduces joint stress, and allows for a range of speeds from a slow walk to an all-out sprint without manual speed adjustments.

Is the Assault Runner Pro suitable for all fitness levels?

Yes, the Assault Runner Pro is designed to cater to all fitness levels, from beginners to elite athletes, providing a customizable workout intensity based on the effort exerted by the user.

How can I purchase an Assault treadmill with financing?

Utah Home Fitness offers flexible financing options to help make your purchase easier. For more details on financing, visit our financing page.

Where can I find more information on your shipping and return policies?

For comprehensive details on shipping and returns, please visit our shipping policy and return policy pages.

Can I find accessories for my Assault treadmill?

Yes, explore our accessories collection for treadmill mats, maintenance kits, and more to enhance your Assault treadmill experience.

Where are your store locations?

Visit us at our stores in Farmington, Salt Lake City, and Sandy for personalized service and to try our equipment in person.

How do I maintain my Assault treadmill?

Regular cleaning and ensuring the treadmill is used on a stable, level surface will help maintain its condition. For more maintenance tips, refer to the user manual or contact our customer service.


Where can I find other fitness equipment to complement my Assault treadmill?

Enhance your home gym with our collections of strength equipment, functional trainers, and recovery tools for a well-rounded fitness regimen.