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Lift Tech Fitness

Lift Tech Fitness Comp Foot Harness



  • Our design optimizes your leg and foot stability to achieve the best possible user experience; not to mention maximization of muscle fiber activation per rep.
  • Attaches over your shoes with 4 connection points that allows for a variety of glute and leg exercises – glute kickbacks, hip abduction and adduction, lunges, leg extensions, leg curls, and many more
  • Velcro closure which allows for a customized fit for more comfort and better muscle movement.
  • Perfect for Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, and Hip Abductors. Used with Cable Systems, Resistance trainers, Functional Trainer, etc.
  • For EXERCISES like Glute Kickbacks, Donkey Kicks, Stiff Leg Glute Raises, Glute Circles, Forward Lunges, Reverse Lunges, Hip Abductors, Hip Adductors and Hamstring Curls - Also used for Physical Therapy, Isometric, Stabilization and  Strengthening Exercises

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Brian was charming and very knowledgeable. The True treadmills are excellent and last forever- I'm only buying a new one because the old one is 24 years old and has limited features. It still works though!

Jodie R.

This store has the high end equipment that lasts, and the staff is very helpful in fitting the equipment with your needs. They are very friendly and not pushy to make the sale.

Frank D.

Brian did a great job helping me find what I needed. Would certainly purchase from Top Fitness again. Great overall experience!

Daniel S.

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