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February 11, 2020 2 min read

There is one workout day each week that tends to scare people, and that is leg day. Working out your lower body isn’t easy, but it should be an essential part of your workout routine. Here are a few reasons you should never skip leg day.

1. Burns More Calories

A major reason why people workout in the first place is so they can lose weight. Well, if you are skipping out on leg day, you are missing out on an opportunity to lose calories. Because leg days tend to work the biggest muscle in your body, which is the gluteus maximus, you will exert more energy and therefore use more energy to burn calories.

2. Improves Your Speed

Leg days are also vital for people such as marathon runners or athletes who are trying to improve their speed. It’s simple—working your lower body muscles will help you get faster because you are building knee stability. Performing exercises such as squats and power cleans also help you become more explosive.

3. Builds More Muscle

If you are someone who is looking to build more muscle and lose fat, leg days should become a priority. Compound movements can help raise your hormone and testosterone levels, which is essential for building muscle. Not committing to at least one leg day each week can make it more difficult to build muscle.

4. Gives You A More Balanced Look

It can be harder to build your lower body, but it’s definitely noticeable if you avoid training it. Many people coin the term “chicken legs” when they see someone who has a strong upper body but a weak lower body. If a fitness priority for you is to look good, leg days will make you appear more balanced.

5. Helps Avoid Injury

A final reason you should never skip leg day is that it can help you reduce injuries. If you are imbalanced, not used to certain movements, or have weak hamstrings, this can all lead to many lower-body injuries, such as a torn ACL.

Some great exercise equipment you should add to your home gym set up that is great for leg days includes a squat rack, lateral trainers, stair climbers, and more.

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