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November 19, 2021 2 min read

Finding the machine that works best for you may take some time. One day, something may not feel as good as the day before, causing you to skip that part of your fitness routine. However, a machine that may take some time to get used to but is worth using is a rowing machine. This is how a rowing machine can get you in great shape.

It Works Your Entire Body

Unlike most fitness equipment, operating a rowing machine is truly a full-body workout. You will feel nearly 90 percent of your muscles firing up in your body due to the rowing machine. The row feels like you mainly use your upper body. But most of the force is from your legs pushing off to give you the strength to pull back. There isn’t a better exercise to implement in your strength training because it improves all groups of muscles.

It's Easy for Beginners To Use

You don’t need to be a former crew member to take on the rowing machine. Beginners can use it just as quickly as the experts, even if it takes some time to feel at ease on the rowing machine. Don’t just hop on and give it a few pulls and quit. Work on it, learn the best form, and find out what you’re capable of before deciding if this is the machine for you. As stated above, it’s hard to find a piece of equipment that improves your entire body like this one.

It Supports Low-Impact Exercising

Relative to other fitness machines and regimes, using a rower is a low-impact alternative. It burns many calories and strengthens you without aggravating your joints as treadmills can. In fact, slightly over a quarter of the people who consistently workout with a rower notice improvement in their joints.

It Develops Cardio Health and Better Posture

The methodical process of rowing acts as an optimal choice to fulfill your aerobic exercise needs. Even a short amount of time on a rower significantly improves your cardiovascular health. Furthermore, it burns lots of calories while also improving your posture. This is because you can’t use the rowing machine with faulty posture, or you might end up hurting yourself.

So, if you’re looking to branch out and break away from the bench press, curls, and treadmill routine, check out our collection at Utah Home Fitness to pick a new home rower. Your knowledge of how a rowing machine can get you in great shape paired with one of our rowers will have you conquering all your fitness goals.

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