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September 17, 2019 2 min read

Home gym equipment comes with plenty of benefits, but to reap them, users must take care of the gear. On average, exercise equipment should last you seven to 12 years. However, this lifespan will likely decrease if you don’t perform any upkeep. Use these tips for maintaining home gym equipment and get the most use out of your investment.

Keep It Clean

Similar to your car, the best thing you can do for your home gym equipment is to regularly clean it. Keep disinfecting wipes handy so you can clean off sweat and germs. Dusting, using a towel, and spraying equipment with ammonia solution are other great ways to prolong your home gym’s life.

Buy Quality Equipment

Buying home fitness equipment is a big expense, so you might as well get something that will last you a long time. As such, before making any purchases, research the equipment to ensure it is high-quality. Precor, Octane, Spirit, and Inspire fitness equipment are all reliable options that will hold up for years to come.

Lubricate Treadmills

Your gym is not complete without a treadmill. However, due to how it functions, you will need to occasionally lubricate the belt so that it performs properly. Refer to the owner’s manual to determine when you should lubricate the belt and what kind of lubricant you should use. To grease your treadmill, loosen the belts on both sides, then apply it underneath the walking belt towards the front near the motor.

Be Careful

Our final tip for maintaining home gym equipment is to not misuse it. Treat the equipment as if it was someone else’s. Further, only use the equipment as laid out in the instructions—avoid slamming or shoving certain components. It can be difficult to not rough up your equipment, but it can go a long way in keeping it in good shape.

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