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October 09, 2019 2 min read

After a tough workout, do you find that you’re especially sore and tired? Before you head back to the gym or your home fitness equipment, come up with a rehabilitation plan. Take advantage of these ways to recover from a workout and avoid any post-workout pain.

Drink a Protein Shake

One of the best things about taking protein after a workout is it helps your muscles heal. Many athletic trainers recommend that you drink a protein shake after a workout because it will help you build muscle. But the magic of protein also helps repair your muscles and can reduce soreness come the next day.


After a long, hard workout, there’s nothing better than simply resting. By putting in the hard work and obtaining your fitness goals, treat yourself to some much-deserved downtime. Get comfortable, clear your head, and allow your body to rest.

Take an Ice Bath

An ice bath might be unappealing, however, it’s one of the best ways to recover from a workout. All you have to do is fill your bath with cold water and add ice. Making this a habit will likely take time, but your body will thank you for it—ice baths reduce inflammation, muscle damage, and soreness.


A common way to finish a workout is to stretch afterward. Many people tend to think that you should only stretch before exercising; however, doing so after the fact is important too. This is another method that can help prevent injuries and allow you to remain active without feeling sore the next day.


Our last tip is to simply hydrate after an intense workout. Hydration is key to having a successful recovery, and it’s one of the easiest steps you can take. While you should drink water before and during your workout, the American Academy of Family Physicians recommends drinking “8 ounces of water no more than 30 minutes after you exercise.”

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