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October 14, 2019 3 min read

sports store in tacomaWhen it comes to getting in shape and staying in shape, finding time to hit the gym can be tough. Between work, school, wrangling the kids, or just trying to run daily errands, it can seem like there just isn’t enough time in the day. All of these things combined makes having your own exercise equipment essential if you want to make your fitness goals a reality.

Now, before you run out to the nearest sports store in Tacoma and start buying all the fitness equipment you can fit in your car, there are a few home gym benefits you should know about that can sweeten this deal even more.

Six Benefits Of Owning A Home Gym

  • Saving Money 
    The average cost of a gym membership can vary between $10 to $100 per month — or more in some cases — depending on the gym you choose to go to. If you’re not able to consistently visit, this can add up to a lot of wasted money over time. By investing in your own exercise equipment, you can save money in the long run and not have to worry about any surprise price hikes or fees at the end of the month. 

  • Always Open 
    While some gyms stay open 24 hours, who wants to leave their home late and venture to the gym? By purchasing your own equipment from a sports store in Tacoma you don’t ever have to worry about closing times or heading out at night to try and get the most out of your membership. Want to sneak in some quick exercise before work? Step into your gym for some light cardio! Don’t feel like dressing up when you get home from work? Throw on some pajama pants and hit the treadmill! Your gym is always open. 

  • Less Wasted Time 
    Unless you frequent a gym that is right down the street, you could be spending more time commuting than actually working out. Even a 15-minute drive is a half-hour both ways, and that’s an extra half-hour that could be spent working out instead.

  • No Waiting In Line 
    When you buy equipment from a sports store in Tacoma, it’s yours and yours alone (unless you feel like sharing). During their busiest hours, gyms can see dozens of visitors all vying for their turn on the machines. This means you’ll probably be spending more time waiting than using a machine. Owning your own equipment means no more long lines, and no more people watching you expectantly as they wait for their turn. Plus you’ll never have to worry about readjusting your settings because you’ll be the only one using it.

  • Let It All Out 
    At home, no one can hear you scream - or shout and grunt — so let it all out! Some gyms have rules against being too loud, but at home, no one can police your volume. Sometimes those last couple reps require a couple of sound effects, so go ahead and shout to your heart's content.

  • Turn Up The Stereo 
    At the gym wearing headphones is always an option, but unless they’re wireless they can become a tangled mess while you’re working out. Another great thing about being at home is being able to blast your tunes as loud as you want. In fact, studies have found that music can even boost your workout by up to 15%! Never has there been a better excuse for blasting "Eye of the Tiger". 

These are just a few of dozens of benefits that working out at home can bring you. So the next time you’re near a sports store in Tacoma, stop in and see what they can offer. Any of the associates there would be happy to help you plan for creating your perfect home gym. You’ll be surprised at the amount of quality equipment you can get for your home and the amount you can save overall when compared to a monthly gym membership.

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