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October 22, 2019 2 min read

When building your home gym, you want to fill it with the best equipment possible to achieve your fitness goals. You can customize your gym for your needs, but there’s equipment out there you’d be remiss not to have. We provide a rundown of the essential cardio equipment for a home gym.


A treadmill offers one of the best ways to complete your cardio. Treadmills provide the perfect solution for those who want to keep running without dealing with weather-related inconveniences. Treadmills also have many features that can enhance your cardio workout.


An elliptical is another excellent piece of home fitness equipment to have. This machine can work several parts of your upper and lower body. Additionally, it can improve your stamina. If you want a total body workout, an elliptical is a must-have for your home gym.

Lateral Trainers

An additional piece of essential cardio equipment you should consider is a lateral trainer. A lateral trainer allows you to get a great lower body workout in a safe manner that won’t put too much stress on your knees.


A rower is another incredible machine you may want to have stationed in your personal home gym. A rowing machine will really make you feel the burn, as it works out your entire body. There’s also less room for impact on this machine.

Exercise Bikes

The weather can affect when you can go outside and bike, and inclement weather can offset your workout routine. Don’t let Mother Nature hold your health back—have an exercise bike ready to go. Biking provides one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can do, and you can do it from the comfort of your home.


While you could simply walk up and down your steps, a climber proves far more effective. A climber will feature more comfort with awesome features like blue tooth, heart rate monitoring, and handlebar toggles that can help push you further.

If you’re ready to create your home gym with high-quality cardio equipment, reach out to Utah Home Fitness today.

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