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February 20, 2017 2 min read

The Ultimate Butt-Kicker, Helix Lateral Trainer

By Meg Sullivan

Think about your favorite cardio workouts- running, biking, elliptical...These activities are excellent for overall fitness and once you build a base can be very enjoyable and even addicting. But you are only moving in one plane of motion, forward, while doing these workouts. To stay truly balanced and healthy, you need to activate your lateral muscles. In other words, you need to FIRE UP THOSE GLUTES!

Nothing throws a wrench in your workout routine quicker than an injury. So how can you prevent injury and maintain all the other activities you enjoy in life? No, I'm not suggesting those tedious exercises your physical therapist told you to do, handing you a stretchy band on your way out the door that will now live in the back of your closet. I'm not talking about boring, mindless laps staring at the black line at the bottom of an indoor pool. I'm talking about the HELIX LATERAL TRAINER!

The Helix is a cool, innovative way to literally get your butt in gear. It fires up your glutes 40% more than a traditional cardio machine and activates your core 55% more!  The difference between a Helix and other machines is that you are moving side to side, not forward. Imagine a skiing motion and how much that uses your butt muscles.

Just 20-25 minutes on the Helix and guaranteed you will be pouring sweat and FEELING IT throughout your entire body. The machine also reverses directions, so you are working both your inner and outer thighs.

Being a distance runner who has dealt with injuries over the past few years, I can't understand how I can enjoy hour-long run several times a week, but still can't get motivated to do my 15 minutes of physical therapy exercises. The Helix has truly been the solution for me. I've been doing just a 25-minute workout on it just once a week and I'm already seeing the benefits.

I've noticed a direct correlation between starting my workouts on the Helix and my long runs becoming more enjoyable and faster. The workouts are highly effective, short and sweet AND I get my sweat on! Talk about bang for your buck- check out this awesome product :


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