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August 30, 2021 2 min read

After intensive surgery or an injury, therapeutic exercise is used as part of the recovery plan or even as a form of disease management. If you’re new to therapeutic exercise and don’t know how to start or perform it effectively, consult this ultimate guide to super-effective therapeutic exercises for guidance.

Starting Therapeutic Exercise

With normal exercise, you may join a class or hire a personal trainer, but for therapeutic exercises, you need the services of a physical therapist. A physical therapist will oversee your exercise to ensure that you’re on track and that you don’t hurt yourself and potentially exacerbate your original injury. Never attempt to perform therapeutic exercises alone or try to replace a professional physical therapist with a friend or family member. Some necessary exercises may not be doable on your own, and a friend or family member won’t be trained to handle therapeutic exercises.

Working with a Physical Therapist

Your physical therapist will be be doing a lot more than simply supervising your workout. They’ll be responsible for recommending a plan or program suited to your rehabilitation and medical needs. They’ll accomplish this by referring to your medical record and carefully tracking your progress to ensure you’re not wasting your time with an ineffective plan. In short, physical therapists are indispensable parts of the ultimate guide to super-effective therapeutic exercises.

The Benefits of Therapeutic Exercise

Depending on your needs, therapeutic exercises may use strength training, balance and coordination training, range-of-motion training, and more to target specific parts of the body or address certain issues. These exercises are meant to restore your bodily functions to normal. For example, you may use strength equipment to rebuild your muscles and prevent atrophy while you heal. Making the effort to retrain your body through exercise will expedite the recovery process, in contrast to simply waiting for the injuries to naturally mend.

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