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September 09, 2020 2 min read

A well-rounded workout routine should include some form of weightlifting to build muscle and burn fat. However, there are many easy mistakes you can make while lifting weights that can hinder your progress and result in an injury. Here are some tips on how to lift weights properly.

Focus on Your Form First

An easy mistake to make when you are lifting weights is focusing primarily on how much weight you are lifting. While it’s important to challenge yourself by increasing the weight you lift, you first want to nail your form for whatever exercise you are doing. Figure out how low or high you should be moving, along with the right grip for each type of weight, and progress from there. By perfecting your form first, you can make sure that you are getting the most out of your workouts with the strength equipment you use.

Breathe Properly

Another thing you should work on during your strength training workouts is your breathing. The ability to control your breathing can work to your benefit. For instance, breathe in as you go down for a rep and breathe out towards the end of it as you are putting the weight back on the rack. This will help you generate more power during your set.

Find Your Balance

Many strength training workouts also utilize your balance, so this is something you should also focus on to lift properly. When you find your balance, you can make sure that you are truly working the muscle groups you want to target.

Slow Down Your Movement

Our fourth tip on how to lift weights properly is to slow down your movement. Going through a weightlifting motion too fast won’t allow you to reap the benefits of that workout. Slowing the movement down will help you build the muscle groups you want to target.

Break Up Muscle Groups

The last tip we have is to break up your muscle groups throughout the week. Designate a day to exercise your legs specifically, and allocate separate days for your arms, chest, and other groups as well. This will not only keep your workouts organized, but will also give your muscles the necessary rest they need, so you can avoid injury.

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