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GluteBuilder Kneeling Glute Isolator



The only training solution to train the glutes from their full lengthened to their full contracted position, in isolation, with no quadriceps or hamstrings involvement.

  • The best machine in the market for isolating the glutes
  • Work the glutes through their full range of motion, from their lengthened position from more than 90 degrees of hip flexion, to their fully shortened/contracted position at full hip extension, with no quadriceps or hamstrings engagement
  • Purpose-design double hip pad keeps glutes engaged throughout extension limiting lower back muscles involvement and favoring hip extension rather than back extension.
  • Knee pad adjusts through a significant height with 11 positions to perfectly set individuals from 5 to 6.5feet, with small increments of just 1”
  • Upper Back roller pad adjusts to allow optimal set up for every individual regardless of size and body proportions.
  • Oversized knee pad to allow “frog” or sumo knees stance.
  • Resistance profile matching hip extension strength profile. It’s heavier at the starting position when glutes are stretched and stronger, and it gets lighter at the end range when glutes are shortened and weaker. Therefore, the entire range of motion is equally challenging, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the exercise.
  • Double linkage loading mechanism to minimize inertia effect or momentum. It means that even when performing fast with relatively light loads, the resistance feeling remains smooth and there isn’t a significant drop in resistance at the end of the motion (similar to a training feeling of a selectorized machine)
  • Resistance bands can be added to overload the end range of motion or glutes shortened position.
  • Integrated weight plates storage horn located next to the loading horn to keep training space tidy and to make the loading and un-loading process convenient and time efficient.

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