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January 12, 2022 2 min read

The arrival of a new year gives you a fresh opportunity to start something new. Like many individuals, that something new may be increasing your fitness goals. However, focusing on a gym routine is only half the battle. What you eat is equally crucial in molding the new you in 2022. But there is a lot of misinformation about food, so let’s explore several popular food myths that everyone believes.

Skipping Breakfast

With the popularity of intermittent fasting, skipping breakfast is becoming a more common practice, as people believe that an eating window from lunch to dinner allows the most flexibility. Yet, skipping breakfast may do more harm than good.

If someone brings doughnuts to the office, it’s understandable that someone might want to skip breakfast. However, a healthy breakfast may be the most important meal. A nutritional, fiber-filled breakfast will curb those hunger cravings, preventing you from grabbing an empty-calorie snack.

Lack of Protein Without Meat

If you are looking to reduce your meat consumption or eliminate it entirely, there is an initial concern that your protein intake might suffer. Luckily, several food options provide you with all the protein you seek.

Nuts, whole grains, and seeds enrich your body with the essential nutrients that help your body thrive. Plant protein offers additional benefits that meat may not have, such as a higher fiber count, lower saturated fats, and a full source of vitamins and minerals.

All Fats Are Bad

Fat-free foods are still trendy among many people who are recalibrating their food intake. After all, something with a high fat content will make you gain weight, right? Well, that’s not entirely accurate, as some fats are good for you.

Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats can decrease your LDL and increase your HDL cholesterol levels, minimizing your risk for heart-related issues. Fortunately, these unsaturated fats are listed on nutritional labels now, so you’ll always know what is in your food.

Avoiding Carbs

In general, carbohydrates are complicated when it comes to sustenance. Additionally, eating carbs in the evening is another debate that may cause conflict. The answer to both questions is moderation. Eliminating carbs isn’t the answer but reducing them leads to short- and long-term results. Therefore, you don’t need to avoid carbs entirely, seeing as a balanced diet is the healthiest and most effective option.

Fresh Veggies Are Better Than Frozen

The odds are everyone has heard the myth that fresh vegetables are healthier than their frozen counterparts. The truth is that there isn’t any noticeable difference between the two, and if there was, frozen veggies may have the edge.

Having a garden full of fresh vegetables is the ultimate strategy, but not everyone has a green thumb. Trying to consume your daily value of vegetables may be challenging, so it helps to have frozen veggies on hand. It’s especially useful because the shelf life of fresh veggies is significantly lower than frozen.

Following a strict nutrition plan and ignoring the popular food myths that everyone believes is an excellent way to start the new year right. If you pair that with a new fitness regime that includes home gym exercise bikes, the “new year, new me” slogan will come to life.

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