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November 09, 2021 2 min read

It can be challenging to start a strength training regimen if you cannot easily access all the machines you need to improve your body. Nevertheless, being able to work out from home or on the road with dumbbells and other weights ensures you stay on track. These are the reasons why you should use free weights over machines.

Less Costly

While building muscle is the main objective, it helps to accomplish this goal without breaking the bank. You get the gains without taking up floor space when you invest in a rubber hex dumbbell set. Typically, free weights take up less room than a bulky machine and cost significantly less, making it easier to pump iron in the comfort of your home.

More Convenient

A significant drawback of a weight machine is its one-dimensional nature. You can only do the exercise and motion that the machine allows. Using free weights lets you get more creative with workouts. You can incorporate several different routines with weights, like doing a HIIT workout that combines weights and cardio into one program.

Strengthens Muscles

The results of strength training with a machine may not be noticeable immediately. For example, if you use a leg extension machine, your quads will be in solid shape, but you will have ignored your hamstrings, calves, back, and abs. However, in the long run, your strength will improve by using free weights. Machines will focus strictly on one muscle group, whereas free weights activate more muscles that are usually dormant. Each rep you take with free weights activates more muscles, increasing your total muscle mass.


Even the smallest changes can affect how you work out. Imagine going to a gym and seeing that the company completely changed the machines with a totally different brand. Additionally, machines may not accommodate people of all shapes and sizes, bringing difficulties for some users. On the other hand, free weights are essentially the same, no matter the brand or location. Furthermore, they are easily transportable when you’re on the road or need a quick session when you’re in the hotel room.

Though these are the reasons why you should use free weights over machines, the best method to the madness may be a combination of the two. If you use free weights most of the time and use machines to cool down, the results are well worth all the hard work. So, check out the dumbbell collection at Utah Home Fitness that best fits your needs!

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