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August 04, 2020 3 min read

There’s no better way to take control of your life and stay healthy than to work out. If you are looking to get back into fitness or have never been active before, you might be wondering where to start. Here’s an essential guide to building your workout routine that can help you get moving.

Figure Out Your Personal Goals

Whenever you are setting up a workout routine, the first thing you need to do is figure out what you want to accomplish. Are you trying to get lean and build muscle? Just trying to be active? Obtain a six-pack? These are all things you need to figure out to set up your workout routine. You also need to be realistic about the current shape you are in. Setting up goals will enable your workout routine to take shape.

Create A Workout Schedule

After figuring out your personal goals, it’s time to move on to your workout schedule. Your workout schedule will depend on your goals, but it’s best to incorporate upper body, lower body, and cardiovascular exercises into your routine. A mix of both cardio and strength training is typically the best route to go. It’s also important to mix up what your workout should consist of each day. Separate what areas of your body you focus on so you can give your muscles the rest they need. For example, a three-day split for strength training is a common route many people take, with one day each dedicated to the following muscle groups:

  • Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
  • Biceps/Back/Abs.
  • Hamstrings/Quads/Calves

Another part of working out is finding the right time of day to get it in. For some, that means completing your workout in the early hours of the day, while others might not get it in until later. To the best of your abilities, be consistent with the time of day you work out throughout the week.

Get the Equipment

Working out at home is one of the easiest ways to stick to a workout routine. Build a home gym by getting all the home fitness equipment you need. There is often debate on whether running inside or outside is more beneficial, but we recommend having a treadmill so that you can run inside to avoid the cold weather during the winter months. It’s also important to vary your cardio, which is why you should add an elliptical trainer, a rowing machine, or other types of cardio equipment in your home gym.

Do Exercises in the Right Order

The order of the exercises you do is also important. Your workout should consist of both isolated and compound exercises. The difference between the two is that isolated exercises will work out one muscle group while compound will work out several. Compound workouts include squats, bench, and deadlifts, and they should be the first thing you do because they require more energy. Isolated workouts will be the exercises you complete with exercise machines.

Set Up Your Sets and Reps Structure

In terms of what your sets and rep structure should be, many tend to make the mistake of doing the same for each workout. Instead, the structure should vary based on the individual workout you are doing so that you can lift weights correctly based on your goals.

Change Your Diet

You can work out all you want, but it’s your diet that will dictate what your body will look like. That is why you need to develop a meal plan full of the nutrients your body needs. Sticking to a diet is normally the biggest challenge, but there are many ways you can get used to consuming healthy and clean foods.

Be Safe

Working out also requires a fair amount of caution due to the number of injuries you can sustain. Common injuries can occur on any type of equipment, from rowing machines to free weights. What you do after a workout can also prevent a ton of injuries and keep you safe. Incorporate a post-workout routine into your schedule that includes stretching, drinking a protein shake, and more.

Consider A Trainer

A final part of an essential guide to building your workout routine is to consider a trainer. There are many things that a trainer can help you with, including showing you proper form, introducing you to new workouts you can do in your home, helping you learn more about nutrition, and ensuring that you don’t get injured. It’s worth investing in a trainer because you are really investing in yourself.

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